Your kind donation will help hens today, tomorrow and in the future​

Stella, enjoying exploring the undergrowth!

Here at the BHWT we save the lives of tens of thousands of ex-commercial hens every year. We raise awareness of hen welfare, educate the public and encourage people to view hens as pets, rather than food producing animals. But we can only help hens because of supporters like you, who give generously to help us to continue our rehoming work and improve welfare standards for all commercial laying hens.

How Your Donations Will Help

Please consider giving a donation today to contribute directly towards helping hens live longer, happier lives.

Each year we rehome upwards of 60,000 ex-commercial laying chickens, who then blossom into wonderful loving pets. Acting as charity ambassadors, these lucky girls inspire others to rehome their own flock. Keeping hens also gives us the opportunity to consider welfare standards around eggs and products that contain eggs.

Your generosity truly can make a difference, helping us to continue to save and improve the lives of hens long into the future, thank you.
How Your Donations Will Help

Other Ways to Help

Sponsor a Hen

If you don’t have room for your own flock, why not sponsor one of our lovely hens.

Leave a Legacy

Remember the BHWT in your Will and save thousands of hens from slaughter well into the future.


100% of our profits go towards helping hens, so have a browse today.

Gifts in Memory

Donate in memory of a loved one, celebrate their life and support a cause close to their hearts.


If you’re a runner, baker, or have eggs to spare, you can raise funds and make a difference to hens.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid increases the value of your donation and our hens can benefit at no extra cost to you.