Hen Helpline Appeal

Our goal is to always help hens, all kinds of hens, whatever the challenges we face.

The current crisis has meant we’ve had to rethink how best we do this. We’ve had to move away from rehoming and focus more on helping hens from the end of the phone, offering much needed hen health and husbandry advice to hen-keepers when access to vets is so restricted.

Your generosity can continue to fund this important work, ensuring hens won’t suffer unnecessarily when a phone call to our Hen Helpline could make all the difference.

Whilst we are not vets, we do know a thing or two about hens – please donate today.

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We'll be here if Bluebell or any other hen needs our support, just give us a call

As we continue to cope with these strange times, with many of us learning to live in a different way, our pets have taken on even more of an important part in our lives. They give us a reason to get up in the morning and they keep our minds calm at a time when feeling overwhelmed has become commonplace. And for those of us lucky enough to keep hens, we have eggs!

But with vets reducing opening hours and prioritising emergency cases in line with government guidelines, we’ve seen an increased need for hen health support. Sophie Alyward lives in Tulse Hill, South London with husband, Elton and four Pekin bantams. One of her girls, Duchess, recently developed a common, and unpleasant condition called sour crop and Sophie was unable to get veterinary support locally, so called the Hen Helpline on 01884 860084 for guidance. As you will read below Duchess has recovered and Sophie was very grateful:

Duchess enjoying the sunshine after a successful call with the Hen Helpline

The British Hen Welfare Trust have been absolutely amazing in helping Duchess and I sort out her sour crop. I was pulling my hair out with a selection of local vets not knowing how to help, and so much misinformation on the internet.

I emailed the BHWT one evening after becoming increasingly worried about my listless hen. She is such a dynamic and happy friendly girl and I was trying all sources to find a solution, especially as we are new hen keepers!

The information provided over email and phone has been invaluable, and Duchess is well on the mend and looking forward to being in the garden again.

Biggest thank you to the Trust for their help in our time of need. Thank you.

With our main source of income now abruptly stopped, we’re urgently seeking the funds we need to ensure this important service remains available for hens in need. 

Thank you for helping us to build the BHWT into what it is today; the charity has thrived for over 15 years, and we are determined to get through this difficult time, then as soon as we are able we will fill our vans with hundreds of hens who right now are waiting patiently in their cages for us to arrive.

In the meantime, please stay safe and appreciate doubly the good times we are so lucky to have with our feathered family friends. 

How Your Donations Will Help

Your money will mean we can continue offering free guidance to hen keepers worried about a hen not eating, being bullied, struggling with red mites or we can simply offer a friendly ear when needed.

We may not be able to save hens from slaughter at the moment, but we can continue helping hens.

Your generosity truly will make a difference, thank you.

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